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Our history

Microdata is a Moroccan company founded in 1991 specializing in the marketing and deployment of IT infrastructure for private and public organizations. Its support certified by the main manufacturers Dell, HP Inc. and Lenovo in Morocco is established in several maintenance centers spread over all the cities of Morocco.  


In November 2007, Microdata was listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, thus confirming the institutionalization of this company and its anchoring in the Moroccan economic fabric. Fifteen years after its IPO, the company founded by Hassan Amor has maintained its double-digit growth, its turnover having exceeded $65M for the 2020 financial year and in 2022 reached a historic market capitalization of more of $100M. Today Microdata is one of the top 150 large Moroccan companies and has more than 100 IT experts.

Thanks to an intelligible and well-defined strategy, auguring favorably for its prospects: constant search for new opportunities, an agile business model as well as a diversified client portfolio, composed mainly of large Moroccan groups, Microdata has become one of the most influential players in the country and intends to continue in the coming years to tackle other innovative segments such as IoT, the cloud and Big Data

Creation of Microdata



Introduction to the Casablanca Stock Exchange


$50M turnover


Top 150 Moroccan company

+100 employees


$20M turnover


Capitalization at $100M


Our main leaders

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