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Our business lines

Our portfolio of IT solutions covers a wide spectrum of technologies, reflecting the broadest needs of our customers:

PC equipments & peripherals (mainly for imaging and printing), VDI, server infrastructure, virtualization, cloud-based services, storage, backup, networking, as well as softwares dedicated to productivity, mobility and collaboration


The IT infrastructure is the foundation of the business activity of any modern company. Thanks to our large portfolio of partners and solutions, our technology experts  we will support you in your IT implementation and transformation projects. Whether acquiring servers, storage bays, network equipment, or turnkey solutions (virtual environment, private or hybrid cloud), we  help you to qualify and set up the architecture corresponding to your  specific needs. 

Network security includes any activity to ensure the usability and integrity of your network and data. In order to effectively protect your company's computer network, we advise you  both on hardware equipment and software technologies  ensuring the fundamental services for the security of your infrastructure (firewall, VPN, gateways, filtering, etc.)

Network and security

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Backup, replication and high availability

How would a loss of data impact your business? Are your backups, if you have any, reliable? Partner with the main world leaders in the field, Microdata sells and integrates into your infrastructure reliable and efficient data backup with replication on remote sites ensuring rapid activity recovery and system monitoring to detect anomalies.

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Workstations and laptops

Your work isn't mediocre, and your computer shouldn't be either. Microdata offers a complete range of desktop and laptop computers for all budgets and the tablet to prioritize mobility. Our technical sales representatives and our technicians come to your place of work and provide all the service from the choice of a laptop to its delivery, installation, possible repair and maintenance.

The goal of endpoint security solutions is to protect devices, users, and businesses from lost productivity, cost, and reputation. We support you in the implementation of strategies and technological solutions to protect your terminals against digital threats and unauthorized access.

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Productivity and Endpoint Protection

A desktop PC is not limited to what it contains, nor a laptop PC. Peripherals range from the essential to the most comfortable accessories. Microdata offers you a large catalog of references to meet all your needs in computer equipment and consumables ( keyboards, mice, printers, headsets, video projectors, webcams, etc.) and to equip your work desks.

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Peripherals and Consumables

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