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Abstrait futuriste

Our services

From infrastructure to cloud computing and cybersecurity, our technical teams, backed by the experience acquired through Microdata's many achievements, are at your service to support you in the success of your digital transformation projects, as well as in the deployment and maintenance of your computer equipment. 



  • Setting up virtual server environments

  • Migrating servers

  • High Availability, Replication and Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Workstation virtualization


Data protection

  • Setting up backup environments

  • Data Archiving

  • Replicating backups


Application Modernization

  • Containerization of existing applications

  • Development of custom low-code applications

  • Automation of internal processes

  • Implementation of BI report


Networks and security

  • Protection of servers and workstations

  • Data encryption

  • Network protection (firewall, VPN)

  • Identity management

  • Network Virtualization


Cloud Services

  • Get started with Azure

  • Cloud Architecture Consulting

  • Azure Security

  • DevOps & Monitoring

  • migration service


Local services

  • Deployment of images on workstations

  • Maintenance of the computer park

  • Resources in management

  • Cost per page service

  • outsourcing

Points de connexion

We are present throughout Morocco

  • casablanca

  • Rabat

  • Fes

  • Tangier

  • agadir

  • Beni Mellal

  • Laayoune

  • Marrakesh

  • Meknes

  • Nador

  • Oujda

  • Safi

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