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Fond abstrait ondulé

Financial year 2019

Financial results and press releases for 2019

Communication on the activity of Microdata

Main quarterly indicators: Q2 2019

Main half-year indicators: H1 2019

Main quarterly indicators: Q3 2019

Main quarterly indicators: Q4 2019

Main annual indicators

Half-year financial statements

H1 2019 half-year financial statements

Half-yearly and annual financial reports

Convocations and press releases of the GA

H1 2019 half-year financial report

2019 Annual Financial Report

Invitation to the General Meeting of shareholders and annual financial statements

Additional notice to the convening of the Ordinary General Meeting of shareholders

Postal voting form for Microdata shareholders

Communication of decisions taken by the shareholders' meeting

Regulatory information

Regulatory information after modification of regulated agreements 29 Apr 2021

regulatory information post convening of the AGM of June 23, 2021

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